MILLIONMAC Lottery is an innovative and transparent smart contract-based lottery system where rewards are automatically distributed to winners once a pool reaches its top limit. The lottery is executed, and the pool restarts for continuous participation.

2. How does the MILLIONMAC Lottery work?

Participants stake ETH/BNB/AVAX or MATIC in a specific pool. Once the pool reaches its top value, the lottery is triggered, and the prizes are distributed according to predetermined percentage allocations. The pool then restarts, allowing for further participation.

3. What are the pools available in the MILLIONMAC Lottery?

There are multiple pools available with varying top values, please visit the distribution details page. Each pool has its own set of reward percentages for winners.

4. How are the rewards distributed in the MILLIONMAC Lottery?

Rewards are distributed automatically and instantly to the winners' wallets once the lottery is executed. The distribution is based on the predetermined percentage allocations for each pool.

5. Can I participate in multiple pools simultaneously?

Yes, you can participate in multiple pools simultaneously, increasing your chances of winning in different lotteries.

6. Can a wallet win multiple rewards from the same pool and draw?

A wallet can win a reward only once from the same pool and draw. However, it still has chances to win rewards in different pools and draws. In the code, the _winners array is a temporary array used for each draw to prevent winning multiple rewards in the same draw.

7. If someone fills a large portion of the pool, can they get back more than they put in?

In a 25 ETH pool example, if an individual invests 20 ETH, they can only win once in the same pool and get 40% of the pool, which is 10 ETH. In this case, the investor would incur a loss of 10 ETH. Therefore, it is not rational for a person to invest more than 40% of the total pool value. The risk of high investments increases in situations where the won reward amount does not cover the invested amount. This implies that an individual should not invest more than 40% of the pool's total value, as they can only win back their initial investment at most.

8. Is the MILLIONMAC Lottery system secure and transparent?

Yes, the MILLIONMAC Lottery is built on a smart contract, ensuring a secure, transparent, and decentralized lottery system where winners receive their rewards automatically.

9. What happens if the pool's value goes above the top limit?

If the last transfer pushes the pool's value above the top limit, the lottery will still be executed, and the rewards will be distributed based on the new, higher pool value.

10. How can I participate in the MILLIONMAC Lottery?

To participate in the MILLIONMAC Lottery, you simply need to stake ETH/BNB/AVAX or MATIC in the pool of your choice. You can also use a referral code when staking to earn additional benefits.

11. Can I withdraw my staked amount before the lottery is executed?

Yes, you can withdraw your staked amount before the lottery is executed by paying a small withdrawal fee (10%).

12. Where can I find more information about the MILLIONMAC Lottery?

For more information about the MILLIONMAC Lottery, visit our website, read our whitepaper, and join our community on social media platforms like Telegram, Twitter, and Reddit.

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