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MILLIONMAC is an innovative and transparent smart contract-based lottery system where rewards are automatically distributed to winners as soon as a pool reaches its top limit. Once the pool is filled, the lottery is executed, and the pool restarts, allowing for continuous participation and excitement.

When a pool reaches its top value, the lottery is triggered, and the prizes are distributed according to the predetermined percentage allocations. If the last transfer pushes the pool's value above the top limit, the lottery will still be executed, and the rewards will be distributed based on the new, higher pool value. For example, if a 2.5 ETH pool collects 2.4 ETH and the final transfer is 4 ETH, the total pool value becomes 6.4 ETH, and the prizes will be distributed based on this amount.

This smart contract ensures a fair and transparent lottery system, where winners receive their rewards automatically and instantly. With MILLIONMAC, you can experience the thrill of a decentralized lottery and the ease of automated prize distribution.

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