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Discover the simple and secure process of exiting the Millionaire Machine crypto lottery platform, available on multiple networks and supporting BNB, ETH, AVAX and MATIC.

The Millionaire Machine crypto lottery platform prioritizes user experience, offering a straightforward and secure process for those who wish to exit the lottery. The platform supports multiple networks, including Eth Mainnet, Binance Smart Chain, Avalance C Chain, Polygon Mainnet, Sepolia Testnet , BSC Testnet, Fuji Testnet and Mumbai Testnet, and accepts BNB, AVAX, MATIC and ETH for participation. Follow these easy steps to withdraw your funds from the platform:

Log in to your account: Visit the Millionaire Machine website at https://millionmac.com and connect your compatible wallet (e.g., MetaMask) to the desired network.

Choose your network: Select the network on which you have participated in the lottery, such as Ethereum Mainnet , Binance Smart Chain or Testnets.

Access your lottery pool: Select the lottery pool where you have staked your BNB, AVAX, MATIC or ETH. Each pool has a separate withdrawal option, so ensure you are withdrawing from the correct pool.

Initiate withdrawal: Locate the "Exit" button on the pool page and click it to initiate the withdrawal process. There is no time limit for exiting the lottery; you can withdraw at any time before the draw takes place. The smart contract will automatically calculate the withdrawal amount, deducting a 10% fee from your initial deposit.

Confirm withdrawal: Double-check the withdrawal amount and confirm the transaction in your connected wallet. Remember that half of the 10% withdrawal fee will return to the development wallet , while the other half is taken as a service fee.

Monitor your wallet: Keep an eye on your wallet for the incoming withdrawal transaction. The withdrawn BNB, AVAX, MATIC or ETH should appear in your wallet within a few moments, depending on network congestion and transaction fees.

Millionaire Machine is committed to providing an enjoyable and secure crypto lottery experience across multiple networks. If you decide to exit the lottery, you can trust that the withdrawal process is simple, transparent, and flexible. However, by withdrawing, you will no longer be eligible for the lottery draw and the exciting opportunities it offers.

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